haoshi – A charming place that links Art to living.

From its first year in 2009, haoshi in Taipei, Taiwan, taking The beauty of living as the source of the idea and focuses on design projects and on creative characteristic excellence.

haoshi's creations are emotional and storytelling, conveying a vision of a unique, personalized and fun lifestyle, bringing originality to the environment, arising a sense of surprise, still maintaining a rigorous attention to details and final high-quality.

Through our design, we can create a unique visual experience for your brand, an ongoing journey within the idea of beauty.

Custom products

haoshi's lie of the product covers home decoration accessories, vase, a large piece of sculpture, or to take the existing of haoshi's product, we provide the customized color and special treatment service.

Special Project

A fusion between art and design, haoshi give life to simple creative everyday expressions with an artistic touch.According to the theme planning and corporate image, combined with the impact between artistic design, material use and issues, so that the setting of commercial space, public art, urban sculpture, etc. is not just a visual feast, but also a kind of The transmission of cultural heritage.

Design your own roots

haoshi works in the field of Creativity designing new products and environments. Working with craftsmen and brands to create experiences that transport the mind of every person through a fantastic journey.

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